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Yaroslav Solop "The plastic Mythology"

The subject of the Plastic Mythology is drawn from the Greek mythological stories, whereas key characters are ancient Gods and Heroes. Started in 2011, this series by Yaroslav Solop consequentially continues his artistic research into nudity, sexuality and eroticism, whereas the latter according to Georges Bataille is a fundamental question of human origins and being. This series of staged photographs reflects upon the Ancient Greek mythology perceived and seen by the artist through his childish memories as well as through the prism of today’s social realia. The artist recreates some scenes or characters from the Greek mythology, recalling iconography of Zeus, stories of Hyacinth and other characters and transforms them. By extrapolating classical images onto the reality of today, Solop assigns them new meanings and interpretations. Thus he delves into human relationships rethinking the notions of interaction and intimacy as well as power, abuse and violence.

The artist exploits the classical heroes, depriving them of heroics and classical pathos by visually flattening the characters’ bodies. Yet this pathos can be seen in the mysterious surreal environment, where he puts his heroes. However, some elements of these enigmatic environment indicate on its social, somehow, political weight. Thereby ancient symbols are re-appropriated into the narration of the present demonstrating the variability of ideals yet questioning their truthfulness. Playing on the verge of true and false, political and fabulous, Solop with his series proposes one of the mythologies of today, which is, upon the words of the artist, seems to be very flat and simple, or just plastic, deprived of the former dignity, exalted in the myths of the past.