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Was born in 1967 in Simferopil, Crimea. Graduated the specialized college with the diploma in photography (1985, 5th rate).
150 COVERS OF MAGAZINES/NEWPAPERS: Nash, Komsomolskaia pravda, Expert Ukraine, Profile, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Time Out, Commentaries, 10 days, International Tourism, M-Club, Crimean Riviera, Kyiv City, All Week, SHO, BOSS, Ark-Crimea, Republic, Crimean times.
PUBLICATIONS: GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, FHM, Foto&Video, 5.6, Playboy, TZ, Digital Photo&Video Camera, DFoto, XXL, Man, Nash, Expert Ukraine, Profile, Telecritics, BOSS, Time Out,, Antiquary, 10 Days, M-Club, Photoshop (Moscow), Geosphere, Komsomolskaia Pravda, Companion, Caprice, SHO, Kommersant, Ekonomicheskie Izvestiia, Afisha, International Tourism, Welcome to Ukraine, Crimean Riviera, Crimea, Ark-Crimea etc.
OVER 140 PHOTO AND VIDEOPROJECTS in Ukraine and beyond: Russia, Germany, the UK, Poland, Italy, Slovakia.
Participant of the main project of the first Kyiv international biennale of contemporary art ‘Arsenale 2012’ called ‘Best times, worst times. Renaissance and apocalypse in the contemporary art’ (2012), Kyiv.
Participant of the three Kyiv photo biennale (2003, 2005, 2007), the month of photography in Bratislava (2009), Sevastopol festival ‘War and peace’ (2010), Biennale of contemporary art in Cologne (2010).
The first exhibition ‘Further, further, further..’ (Simferopil, 1988) was closed under the order of the Crimean regional party committee on the grounds of being anti-Soviet.
2015 ‘Waltz-Nostalgia’, park of culture and leisure, Simferopil
2014 ‘Illusion of memory’, Central Museum of Taurida, Simferopil
2013 ‘Ordeals’, Wall of fame, Simferopil
2013 ‘Lens of tranquility’, in terms of international visual culture festival ‘VIZII’, YaGallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 ‘KONTRALIGHT’, photo performance, Central Museum of Taurida, Simferopil
2012 ‘Commemorative picture’ in terms of GogolFest, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 ‘Heidelberg. Sensibilization’, History Museum of Simferopil
2012 ‘Rake. #2’, ‘YaGallery’, Kyiv and ‘ArtVILNIUS14’, Vilnius
2012 ‘Rake. #1’, ‘YaGallery’, Dnipro, Ukraine
2012 ‘Simferopil. Impressionen’, Rathaus, Heidelberg, Germany
2011 ‘Rape culture’, ‘Dzyga’, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 ‘Loudspeaker: Taktil, Archetype and gamma Voice’ (contributing artists Pavel Makov and Nina Murashkina), YaGallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 ‘Men in red’, RA gallery, Kyiv, ‘ArtVILNIUS09’, Vilnius, GogolFest, Kyiv
2008 ‘Middle of nowhere’, ‘YaGallery’, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 ‘Solyanka’, Museum of Fine Arts, Energodar, Ukraine
2006 ‘Not published’, RA gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1991 ‘Sign language interpretation’, Local History Museum, Simferopil
Mastermind and active participant of creative groups and unions ‘KaBul’, ‘Brothers Grimm’, ‘named after Giordano Bruno’, ‘Kvas’, ‘Scythian’ and ‘Solntsekliosh’.
3 PHOTOALBUMS: ‘The best of Crimea’, 2006; ‘Collar’, 2006; ‘Eye estimation’, 2008.
STAGE NAMES: aleksandr professional antiphotographer aleksandr bayonet aleksandr culture-eater aleksandr scorcher aleksandr obscure aleksandr gate aleksandr dream aleksandr guard aleksandr doctor aleksandr eye aleksandr Tauride grape aleksandr kefir aleksandr new commander, etc.

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