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Oksana Demyanets, Pink prevails #1, round

Oksana Demyanets, Pink prevails #1, round

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from 4 000 UAH

40х40 (Edition 1/10)
100х100 (Edition 1/5)

"Pink Prevails" series, 2021

In Feng Shui, the peony is a carrier of pure Yang energy and

attracts happiness, luck, joy and abundance.

Size 40x40

Edition 1/10

Size 100x100

Edition 1/5

Diasec technique, Plexiglas 4 mm

Diasec is a technique in which the image is protected on one side by acrylic glass and on the other by aluminum composite material or black glossy acrylic.

Ready to be placed on the wall (with an aluminum mount frame on the back)

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