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Viktor Marushchenko (1946 - 2020) - well-known Ukrainian photographer, participant of more than 60 personal and group photo exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine. Member of the Biennale in Venice (2001) and Sao Paulo (2004). Photos of Marushchenko are in the collections of museums, galleries and private collectors.

Born in Novosibirsk (Russia) in 1946, since 1951 lives in Kiev.

Received higher technical education (1975). In 2004 founded а Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography. According to the authoritative opinion of the «Art Ukraine» magazine it is аn  event of the decade in the field of art education.

1987 "Theatrical photos", Chisinau (Moldova)
1992 "Pascart Photoforum", Beale (Switzerland)
1992 "Ukraine after Chernobyl", Gluckstadt (Germany)
1993 "Faces of Ukraine", Gallery "Folio", Calgary (Canada)
1993 "Theater tours", theatrical festival, Sevastopol
1994 "Theater Tours", House of Actor, Moscow
1994 "Window to Ukraine", Town Hall, Zurich (Switzerland)
1994 "Ukraine", Gallery "Goldenes Kalb", Aarau (Switzerland)
1996 "Life with Chernobyl", Seidlvilla, Munich (Germany)
1996 "Life with Chernobyl", city museum, Weilheim (Germany)
1996 Retrospective 1976-1996, Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev
1998 "Ukraine", Werkstattgalerie, J. Gloor + E. Vogel, Aarau (Switzerland)
1998 Month of Photography in Bratislava, gallery "Profil"
2002 "Objectivity", RA Gallery, Kiev (within the framework of the Molodist Film Festival)
2005 "Dreamland Donbass", Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev
2006 "Chernobyl" - Zeit Zone Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
2006 Presentation of the play "Chernobyl", documentary theater, Berlin (Germany)
2008 "Dreamland Donbass", Palace of Contemporary Arts, Gluckstadt, Germany
1983 Photo galleries, Vilnius, Kaunas (Lithuania)
1984 - 86 Union of Journalists of the USSR, Moscow
1987 "One year after Chernobyl", Kiev
1990 "Hundred Photographers from Eastern Europe", Museum of Photography, Lausanne, (Switzerland)
1992 Basta Art Gallery, Lausanne (Switzerland)
1993 Municipal Photogallery, Toulouse (France)
1995 "Reusable images. Ukrainian Photographers Today ", Rogers University Art Center, New Brunswick (USA)
1996 "Five Years", a cultural home, Bratislava (Slovakia)
1996 "Film director S. Paradzhanov", photocollage, to the exhibition jointly directed by film director R. Baloyan, National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kiev
1996 "Window to Switzerland", Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev
1996Photo exhibition "2 years of the newspaper" Day ", Ukrainian House, Kiev
1998 Photo exhibition "Our Ukrainian World" (in cooperation with Miloserdov), Palace of Arts "Ukrainian House", Kiev
1999 Photo exhibition of the Kiev organization SFHU, Grifon Gallery, Kiev
1999 Photo exhibition "We" (together with V. Miloserdov), Ukrainian cultural center in Moscow
2000 "My World", together with artist Maria Prymachenko, "Communal Gallery", Berlin
2001 49th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice, participation in the main exhibition "Plateau of Humanity"
2002 "My World", together with artist Maria Prymachenko, gallery "Alypius", Kiev
2003 Biennial "DONUMENTA ARS DANUBIANA", Regensburg, Germany
2004 Biennale of Contemporary Art Sao Paolo, Brazil. Curator - Jerzy Onyx
2005 Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, Chile
2006 "HI HAVIA UNA VEGADA TXERNÒBIL", Center for Contemporary Art, Barcelona (Spain).

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