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Bo Valentine "Your next step would be to do the Transmission"

For a year Valentine Bo has been working on a project as well as a book, addressing social aspects such as human conformity, manipulation, pretence and sincerity. These concepts surround us and with varying intensity forming the cores of ideological movements, religious societies and cults. The driving force behind this project was the activity of a UFO-centered Raëlian movement.

The key pursuits of the movement are: raising funds for the construction of the embassy to return the aliens (who created people) to Earth, cloning people, the practice of Sensual Meditation and the provision of sex services by a separate unit of called “Raël's Girls”. Already you can order on the company's website "a device for the fusion of embryonic cells", RMX 2010 (included in "Dumbest Moment in Business 2003" by CNN Money.) In 2002, the leader of the society told the world that they managed to clone the first child, the girl named Eva. Unfortunately, her existence has not been proved.

According to the basic concept of the cult, Raël (the spiritual leader) had a contact with aliens, visited another planet and had his own clone created before his eyes. There he also personally met with the prophets Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and Moses. Raël has been preaching the information obtained from aliens all around the world for 45 years. Today, according to various estimates, the total number of followers is about 300 000 people all around the world.

Photographer is taken by the ability of people faced with estrangement in modern society, to find some kind of transcendence in such cults. Working with a lot of material, Valentine Bo decided to interpret the experience in a visual narrative. He creates and utilizes sculpture, work with photogrammetry, 3D printing and video. In this part of the project, the attention is focused on unsuccessful experiments, the process of creating a clone, fear, masturbation and sexual context. The series is a reinterpretation and Valentine’s illustration of a world in which sexual emancipation and sci-fi interpretation of the Bible coexist.

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