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Olia Koval
I was born in 2001 in Chernihiv.
Started photography in 2018.
Now studying at the Cinematography Faculty of the Karpenko-Kary. In 2019 completed the third MYPH course from Serhiy Melnychenko and the concept photography course from Roman Pyatkovka in 2020.
Member of the MYPH team.
Since 2020,
her works are represented by the gallery ArtEast Berlin.

Personal exhibitions:
- "Zelena scena, series of works “Non-violent changes”, Chernihiv
0 – Artistalk “Blue room”, Odessa Photo Days

Collective exhibitions:
- MYPH Graduantes Online Show, series of works “Non-violent changes”
- evening screening of works "Non-violent changes" in the framework of women's photography at Odesa Photo Days

A series of works "Non-violent changes" and "Blue room" in the online magazine Kiosk Democracy
A series of works "Non-violent changes" in the journal PHROOM


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