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I'm a visual artist  based in Kyiv (b. 1976) 

Since I first picked up the camera, I realized that contemporary photography is not about a quality camera, not about shutter speed or aperture, not about expensive lenses… Not even about a gold section or gold hours…

For me, photography is understanding, experience, discovery. It is the reflection of the Universe in photographs and the revelation of oneself not only to the whole world, but to oneself. New people in my life, new feelings, support and help. This is a constant learning but not about the sharpness of the picture or the blurring of the background.

About immersion in myself, about dreams, about hopes, about plans, about achievements. Acceptance, loss…. I am discovering a small part of this Universe here.   I work with still life and love the result of this work. But I'm also fascinated by the picture I can create with the person in the lead role.  My photographs have appeared in at the Duncan Miller Gallery, online Gallery of Ukrainian Street photography,  Ukrainian On-Line Photo Gallery, my portfolio on Vogue Italia.  Member of the National Union of Photographic Artists of Ukraine.

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