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Boris Gradov (1908–1988) - Ukrainian photographer, famous for his portraits of Gagarin and Maxim Gork. He worked as a photojournalist for  «Ukraine» magazine. Boris began his career in his native Uzhgorod, in the editorial office of “Youth of Zacarpathia”. There he met his future wife, the most famous photo reporter, photojournalist of the newspaper «Izvestia» in Ukraine - Irina Pap. In 1951 the family moved to Kiev. Among the most famous photographs of Boris are portraits of Maxim Gorky, Yuri Gagarin (Crimea, 1965). This photo was always at the Soviet orbital stations - it was the most replicated shot of Gagarin (and the favourite photo of his wife Valentina).

The archives left by the photographer are of indisputable and of great importance for Ukrainian photography.

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