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Small talk with Pyatkovka Roman

Small talk with Pyatkovka Roman

Today, Ukrainian photographer Pyatkovka Roman is celebrating his birthday. We join the congratulations and wish all the best) Our team also prepared a short interview with Roman.


 - Roman, you actively visit various galleries and exhibitions. Tell us, what can you highlight the main trends in modern photography? What place does conceptual photography take?

“A very difficult question. Trends change quickly enough and formulate current trends, the same ephemeral lesson, as well as building linear graphs predicting the trends of the art market. Therefore, I will say that I find it interesting today, as an artist and a spectator. In the first place - authenticity and creativity, a certain mix of authenticity of photography and the construction of reality, the layering of subtexts and essentialism. Modern art today is becoming more intellectual and, of course, most can be called conceptual.

     - At what are you working at this time?

“I am finishing work on“ THE BOOK ABOUT TASTY AND HEALTHY FOOD AND ITS IMPACT ON MODERN SEX ”. I hope it will be published by Red Zet. This project rethinks the Soviet culinary "Book of tasty and healthy food." And I have already started a new series called “Muddy Waters”, where I return to my favorite subject - personal space and physicality. ”


      - What exhibitions are you planning soon? Will it be in Ukraine?

“In Ukraine, I have not received offers yet. Now I am discussing a large solo exhibition under the working title “The Body of Fear”. Where and when it will take place - until I keep silent, so as not to jinx it. ”


     - What foreign galleries are you working with?

“I have been cooperating constantly for several years with the London gallery, which has already made two of my solo exhibitions and with the German gallery which exhibits me in Munich and Nuremberg.”

       - You are one of the few photographers who are optimistic about the photography market in Ukraine. In your opinion, who are the potential collectors now and in the near future?

“My optimism is based on the trends that I have been witnessing over the past decade. Interest in photography is growing with art dealers and collectors. Today, a new pleiad of gatherers has appeared on the art market. This is a generation of forty years old - IT professionals, top managers and media celebrities. An important signal was the newly created Museum of the Kharkov School of Photography. Inspirer and ideologist Sergey Lebedinsky with a team of like-minded people intensively replenish the museum's collection, buying the work of iconic Ukrainian photographers. And, of course, you need to remember Tatyana and Boris Grinevs, who are actively collecting a collection of Kharkov photos. ”

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