Maia Iva is a 20-year-old photographer from Kyiv. Works in the genres of nude and self-portrait. Studied at the Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography, and at the ‘Bird in Flight’ photography school.
2014-2015 – creator and curator of the creative team ‘FABRIKA Art Group’ (more than 20 exhibitions)
2015 group exhibition ‘Brrr’ by ‘Fabrika Art Group’, Kharkiv municipal gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2015, August – October, curator of the alternative art center ‘LabGarage’ (about 10 exhibitions)
2015 group exhibition ‘Inoteatr Act I’ by ‘Fabrika Art Group’, all-Ukrainian festival of contemporary art, Kremenchuk, Ukraine
2015 solo exhibition ‘Guideline for cheap erotic’, REDROOM, Kyiv, Ukraine
2015 FABRIKA art festival II, group exhibition, REDROOM, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 FABRIKA art festival, group exhibition, ‘MK Tykva’, Kyiv, Ukraine
WEB-PUBLICATIONS: Theinsider, ICONA mag, Bird in Flight