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My name is Andrei Boiko, I am 31, mostly I photograph with analog cameras. I’m big fan of compact, and of photojournalism. Was raised in best traditions of cheap craze of 2000s: from suburban eroticism of commuter towns and garage aesthetics of new romantics to holiday leisure of local church flock and other crazy characters of urban guerilla. I transfer world-view of the ‘second-hand’ generation. I protest all forms of discrimination and prejudice.

Personal exhibitions:

2018 – Kiev, "Izone": "Charged to Success";

2017 – Lviv, "Fredra.61": "Everybody gets Fucked up in Extreme Style";

2016 – Kiev, "204g": "Snatch";

2016 – Kiev, "MGMA": "Holodhiy Dom: Dogs adidas";

2016 – Minsk, "Verh": "Second-Hand Generation";

2016 – Kiev, "Underside": "Cheap Porn and Poverty";

2016 – Lviv, "Luft-pab": "Garages";

2016 – Kiev, "Otel": "Insert";

2015 – Kiev, "Lab-garage": "Garage history of Andrey Boyko";

2015 – Sumy, Garagepotting: "Deviant Behavior";

2009 – Sumy, garage exhibition: "Partyzan 365";

Some publications:

2016 – "Kak tyt git": "How is it - to shoot young, beautiful and poor";

2016 – "Сultprostir": "Sex, punk, young";

2016 – "If only mag": "Cheap porn and poverty";

2015 – "Buro 24/7": "Aesthetics of the bottom";

2015 – "Ikonamag": "Garage history of Andrei Boyko";

2015 – "Fur-fur": "Ukrainian teenagers in the lens of Andrei Boyko";

2015 – "Bird in flight": Photo project "Garages is our life";

2015 – "Metropol": "Generation of workers in gas stations".

Author's Articles:

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