Is it easy to take a collectible photo from Ukraine?

Is it easy to take a collectible photo from Ukraine?

      Is it easy to take a collectible photo from Ukraine?

     “Bring me something from St. Andrew’s,” writes a grandmother from Germany.

      Our country takes great care not to take anything superfluous and valuable to distant lands. For this, the new “Customs Code” of 2018 was adopted, according to which it is possible to export goods, including paintings, with a total value of up to 10 thousand euros (or the equivalent in hryvnias) absolutely free and without declaration. And previously there was a fixed limit of 200 euros.

However, among the items you export can be those for the export of which a fee is set or special documents are needed for their execution ... Let's see!

     For antique rarities, documents drawn up at the General Directorate of Culture and Arts of Ukraine are needed, checking whether they are not included in the “full register of Ukrainian cultural heritage” and whether they can be taken out of the country.

     Modern things (that is, after 1950 "release") can cross the border of Ukraine completely unhindered.

Therefore, when buying antiques, ask the seller for a certificate stating that this product does not have / or has historical value.

      Note, there is an art historian on duty at Borispol and Zhulyany airport, who, if in doubt, can confirm the age of the painting there as well, therefore, when exporting modern paintings by plane, you do not need to first obtain any permits.

      Our advice: besides a cash register, a sales receipt or an invoice for the acquired “piece of art”, you can also seize the certificate of the «ГУКИ». By the way, the decision on this issue may take about two to three weeks (up to 21 days).

O, an interesting situation, if you are the same artist who needs to take a piece of paper that your work is not of artistic value :) That is, "a certificate that you does not need a certificate."

     In order to avoid delays and troubles at customs, we recommend that you drop by at the Kiev Department of Culture before the exportation of the “object of art” (Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 3, in fact this is the only place) or to the regional control service and get “approval” in the form of a certificate in which they will write to you: “It has no exceptional artistic value or it has.”

     Remember that according to part 1. Article 201 "Contraband" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine moving across the customs border of Ukraine outside of customs control or hiding cultural values from customs control is punishable by imprisonment for 3 to 7 years with confiscation of contraband items.

      Also seized vehicles involved in smuggling. I wonder if the plane comes in here too? :)

      "I would never hang such on the wall." What is “cultural value” after all? What are you ready to enjoy?

"Cultural values are objects of material and spiritual culture that are of artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific importance and are subject to preservation, recreation and protection in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine ...".

     For example, some of them:

• original works of art of painting, drawing and sculpture,

• items related to historical events,

• objects of museum value found during archaeological excavations,

• components and fragments of architectural, historical, artistic monuments and monuments of monumental art,

• old books,

• manuscripts, archival documents.

      In general, a little bitter and a little joyful, but we still want to please you. According to the law of Ukraine, photography is not an object of art, so do not miss the moment and take this opportunity - this is a great chance to make someone a good gift! You can free distribute Ukrainian photography abroad as well.

Material prepared by Alla Symonenko for 5.6store

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