Poetry photography by Tania Bohuslavska

Poetry photography by Tania Bohuslavska

Briefly about yourself: artist, poet

When did you realize that you want to be creative?

Always fond of art and wanted to be an artist, I was only convinced that I would choose painting.

What topics are close to you: what questions do you ask yourself when working on series?

The closest themes to me - love, death, human boundaries - physical, social, psychological, the possibility to go beyond these limits. The photograph for me is the practice of a certain transformation of the inner space and the struggle for this inner space and freedom.

Well, in my opinion, the most important topic for me is a photograph of my latest series "How to deal with internal pain when you are alone." In it I have reflected the methods that I use, all photos have captions. One of them - "You can look inside yourself". That is, not inside yourself, but inside, do not be afraid of it, despite problems and fears, to go further, because I believe that a person is stronger than she or he thinks.

Why do you use photography as a creative method?

 I use the photo as the most modern media, draw with the help of a picture those visual images I think about.

 What other methods are you close to and why?

I do not have enough photos as a medium, so I use video. I also write, because there are things that can not be transmitted visually, or it is not enough.

Which of the artists you are close in spirit and why?

The artists closest to me are Maya Deren and Francesca Woodman. This intimacy is intuitive, I really love these artists and their creativity has influenced me and continues to inspire. Both created things from the inner space and were not afraid of it.

Also, modern artists are inspired by me, among them my teachers are Alexander Lyapin and Roman Pyatkovka.

 What projects are you working on today?

Today I do not like the word "project". I take life every day, it's just my way of breathing. Now I'm experiencing the experience of co-creation and I'm taking away many new things with my muse and my friend Gala. I also work on a series of still lives and over drawings to the third poetic collection.

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