Intensive with Margot Ovcharenko

Intensive with Margot Ovcharenko

Technique and power of an intimate portrait. Intensive with Margot Ovcharenko
January 26 - 29, 2017
Photo club "5,6" starts a series of training practical courses of photography with famous photographers.
The first one to come to us in January is Margot Ovcharenko, ( - a photographer who is interested in his portraits, as well as using people's photographs for a complex narrative embedded in her photographic projects and books. Within four days, the workshop participants will get acquainted with the psychological, technical and visual techniques used by the author in his practice.
The workshop provides for shooting one model, as well as two characters interacting with each other. In addition to practical techniques in working with heroes, light and poses, photographers will gain knowledge for the development of their own projects, analysis of portrait photography, and also get acquainted with the context in which a photographic portrait exists today in modern photography.
This course is suitable for those who want to learn to get a more stable result in portrait photography, regardless of whether it's commercial or artistic tasks, he (a) implements, analyzes the received pictures and their compatibility in the project photography. And also to understand with who is the hero of your pictures, how to find an approach to it or to it and build an artistic statement.
The program includes two evening classes and two full days off (filming).
From 26/01/2017 to 29/01/2017
Number of participants - 15 people.
The cost of this 4-day intensive is 2500grn.
The second intensive day (Friday evening) consists of a lecture on a modern portrait.
The cost of the lecture is 200 UAH. (participants of the club 5,6 - free of charge)

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