Bogdan Guljaj

Bogdan Guljaj

I like making photos of objects that have ‘strong scent of life’, like Tymofiy Iarovikov said. Somewhere in the country-side, of common people. I enjoy such photography, and hope I will have more time for it. Nude is more refined in its essence: either some vulgar kitch, or celebration of form inspired by precious classics.
They called me various names in the place I come from: porn man, pedophile, maniac.. One local journalist at the exhibition opening once asked me in front of the camera whether I sleep with all of my models. At a certain moment I decided it is impossible to overcome idiots, it is necessary to lead them. So the further stories about my adventures I make up and leak to the public myself.
If you spark young lady’s interest, believe me, she is capable to surprise and delight.
In general, I am triggered by curiosity and hunger for new experience and healthy eroticism if we talk about nude photography. I am male after all.
The issue of existence has been always critical to me. In general meaning, human existence as the process we attach some importance to, but never actually know what we are and why, and in its certain expressions, sexual in particular. Creating this nude series, I somehow came to understand it brings me back to the issue of existence. How attraction is expressed, demonstrated, where it is headed, when and why it fades away.
The metaphor came to my mind, how something ‘disappears like dew in the [morning] sun’. Then I remembered ‘foggy dew’, old Irish folk song about rising against the British rule in 1916. That is how the name of the series emerged.
I wasn’t expecting anything from the audience in Kyiv. I am not implying I am a kind of an arrogant artist (reminds me of characters in the Kaurismaki movies), who despises people around him. It is just that if you don’t expect anything, you are never disappointed. Everything you receive from the universe is sufficient.
In Kyiv the audience attending such events is better prepared, cultural background and open-mindedness are notch better than in the province. At home, in Chernihiv, I sometimes get tired of hearing about the ‘photos of tits’.
Like any work of art, photographs might and should be collected, given as presents, hung at home on the walls to please eyes and soul. In my opinion, it is wonderful to have a selection of favorite artists’ works in print at home. No picture from the Internet or book can reproduce the vibrant feeling of the original.
Why don’t they purchase photographs in Ukraine? Because they can be afforded by nouveau-riches from the 1990s, politics, officials and such, for whom money is the core value of life. They don’t need art. What they will put on the walls is some cheap popular print with leopard pattern.

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