Andrey Boyko

Andrey Boyko

For me, garage is a certain style, I am attracted by the picture, good story and probably the theme. Consequent associations suggest that it is not only space within four walls in suburbs as such, where your old man’s car is getting rusty, but zeitgeist and spirit of freedom for suckers like myself. Will I get back to this story? – No doubt, until some theme grows out of it. Is the garage realism a period of life? – Sure, it is temporal. Hotels? Stations? Dungeons? – Why not, there is style in them.
At the present time a camera is extension of our eyes, mind and feelings.
Opening of my exhibition as I remember it: narrow circle of guests, vinyl jazz and casual atmosphere. Boredom, to be short. It actually looked like glass bead game before herd of swine. While I was receiving guests, the exhibition paled into insignificance, because key function of photographs is to hang on the wall, and the main idea is still cultural communication, information exchange and socializing. ‘The garage story’ is just a cover.
Usually during the photoshoot my heart races and my breath is being taken away. I feel lump in my throat, and camera starts talking to me.
Spectators in Kyiv are certainly more experienced and spoiled, and due to that are more valuable. Try to surprise experts of Instagram, soft drugs and casual relationships?
One way or another, I have trust-based relations with all characters of my photographs. I prefer working by gradually unveiling traits of my next victim. It takes days, weeks, months.
I rise in applause to ‘Intervention’ by Sasha Kurmaz. I believe every picture is created to claim for public space.
My next solo exhibition is planned in the city of Sumy. It is time to wipe eye of all those locals with stamps and feed my ego because it is my native city: ‘Khamerman znyschuie virusy’, ‘Kholodnyi dom’ and Andrei Boiko.
30-year-old Andrei Boiko will draw hundreds of people to lecture halls, and live in a huge loft.
I make photographs because it is easier to hide my feelings with them. The most important thing at this stage for me is to run away from myself.

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